Frequently Asked Questions is a Smart Resume Builder. It combines years of resume building data/trends with custom algorithms to make the right resume for each person, every time.
Well its pretty simple. First, you create a profile. Then you enter your career information. Next you select what information you want included on the resume being created. From there, click create and automatically generates the best resumes for you. Check out our demo video for more info!
YES! 100% Free of charge! No credit card info required. No hidden fees. Make as many resumes as you want for no charge at all!
Our product and company are still very young, and right now we are focused on building the worlds smartest resume builder and making it available to as many people as possible….asking for money kind of gets in the way of that.
Everyone! We designed our platform to be smart enough to make the right resume for any career stage, industry, or style.
Visit our Home page. Enter your email. Then select Get Started!
We are still in early beta, so we have limited some features but we’ll be releasing updates over the next few months. Watch out for bugs and please send us your feedback!
Please send an email to Be sure to include your first name, last name, and the email you use to login. Be as detailed as possible, and within 24 hours we will contact you!
Oh no! We are sorry to hear that! Please share your experience on our Feedback page. If this is an emergency, please send an email to
Yeah! We have a great blog called Jump Start, that is filled with articles and videos about companies, jobs, schools, and strategies.

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